Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sisters of Carmel on Lent

 "Three Temptations of Christ" (detail), Botticelli

The Sisters of Carmel's Lenten newsletter arrived yesterday.  It contains a great deal of saintly wisdom regarding Lent.   Here is a sample, from Pope St. Leo the Great:

"Let there be an end to vengeance. Let offences be forgiven. Let harshness be changed to mildness, disdain to gentleness, discord into peace. Let us all make trial of being modest, let all be gentle, all be kind, so that our fasting may be pleasing to God. To Him we shall offer a true sacrifice of self-denial and devotion if we keep ourselves from all iniquity, being helped in all things by Almighty God, Who with the Son and Holy Ghost is One in Divinity, One in Majesty, forever and ever. Amen.”

You may view the Sisters of Carmel newsletter here.

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