Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is Boston College giving Catholicism another try?

John J. Shea OSA: imagine his surprise

They just dropped a faculty member for insisting on the ordination of women, so it's possible.  If so, welcome back to the fight.


  1. It's been a long time; they may want to take a refresher course.

  2. Probably better if they started again from scratch.

  3. Have you ever met Fr. Shea or spoken with him? You would likely be singing a different tune. But then again, you probably wouldn't recognize the Spirit at work in this holy man. Your eyes are so fixed on the letter of the law that you have no sight for the Spirit of the law. Jesus had a lot to say to the Pharisees about just that. Pick up the Gospel sometime and give it a read.

    1. Boston College dismissed Fr. Shea, not me. In reaching its decision Boston College undoubtedly took note of the factors you mention.
      Thank you for the comment.