Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guess I touched a nerve

St. Ignatius Loyola

Over at America they're up to their usual nonsense, posting a press release from a Soros funded group as though it were true, much less news.   No comments had been posted, so I decided to be the first.  I wrote "Would that America transmitted Catholic teaching with as little demurral as they do the press releases of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress."  The comment was removed within the hour.

UPDATE:  Justin Martyr suggests we (few, we happy few) all have a go at posting the removed comment verbatim.  I call this inspired, and I expect America's response will be instructive to observe.

UPDATE 2: We have America's response (see comments), and, as predicted, it is instructive.
Query: is it pointless snark to characterize a comment as "pointless snark?"

UPDATE 3: Please stop trying to post the comment at America.  A truce has been declared (see comments). 

St. Ignatius Loyola, pray for us.


  1. I have just republished the same sentence verbatim in the combox. Let's encourage all your readers to do so!

  2. Great idea - let's give it a shot.

  3. "Great idea" indeed. Thanks for confirming my judgment. Your post was removed because it was an example of the pointless snark we are trying to keep off the site. There are now two substantial comments that are highly critical of the original post that remain unmolested. We also do not allow people to use pseudonyms or multiple IDs at our site, nor do we tolerate the frank harassment you two are now proposing.

    Kevin Clarke

  4. Query: is it pointless snark to characterize a comment as "pointless snark?"

    Hmm, possibly.


  5. Ha! Well, don't worry, we tolerate pointless snark here. Also, please feel free to use a pseudonym. We'll have fun trying to guess when it's you.


  6. Blevin Blarke? ...

    Well, I will return the invite (or remove the 'uninvite'?) to In All Things, but with 50 percent less snark and 30 percent more rhetorical meat plus use of real name. Your superidentity should remain safe if you keep it here ...

  7. Rhetorical meat makes a less nutritious diet than you suppose. And real identities are dull; around here it's like a masked ball. However, I thank you for lifting the anathema, and if I should ever again feel the urge to comment at your place, I will at the very least be sure not to use a dead give away pseudonym like "Inigo Hicks." You're of course welcome to comment here under any flag you choose to fly. You can even invite your Jesuit friends!

    Pax et bonum,