Monday, March 19, 2012

"Rudy" it ain't

 Must have been a slow week for sports news.

Notre Dame sued to prevent the release of the movie shown above, alleging that the university's name and trademarks were used without consent, and that it defamed Fr. Theodore Hesburgh.  Notre Dame lost the suit, and the movie was released in March, 1965.  Even though the movie was featured on an SI cover, boasted a screenplay by William Peter Blatty, (who would achieve fame and fortune for writing "The Exorcist,") and included major stars like Shirley MacLaine and Peter Ustinov, it promptly disappeared, leaving scarcely a trace.   Any guesses as to the movie's name?

"John Goldfarb, Please Come Home!"  Bosley Crowther of the NYT said the movie
"demeans the prestige of movie humor and, indeed, of the human race."  (h/t Notre Dame Archive News and Notes). 

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