Monday, June 6, 2011

Saintly Thought for Today

Since June is specially dedicated to the Sacred Heart, we will pay particular attention this month to saints who are connected with this devotion.  St. Gertrude the Great (1256 AD - 1301 or 1302 AD) is among the earlier saints notable for their devotion to the Sacred Heart.  St. Gertrude was a Benedictine abbess, scholar, writer and mystic, as well as a student of St. Mechtilde, herself a great Benedictine nun and mystic.

A prayer of thanksgiving composed by St. Gertrude the Great:

For all Thy Blessings, O God most loving, and all love for men, I thank Thee, in union with the reciprocal thanksgivings which exist between the adorable Persons of the Holy Trinity, in union with those of Jesus and all creatures reasonable or inanimate.  Deign, O my beloved Jesus, to accomplish this duty of thanksgiving for me to the full extent which justice requires.   Praise Thy Father in me and for me with all the strength of Thy Divinity, in all the love of Thy Humanity, and in all the whole universe of beings.

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