Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"None" knows what he doesn't like

According to None, this book is "riddled with errors and lies."

"None" is a book reviewer on Amazon.  He (or she) has reviewed five books on morality and religion, but None gave all of them just one star.   Indeed, zero stars would have been None's preferred grade, but that's impossible on Amazon.  Words like "Ridiculous," "horrible," "garbage," "lies," and "DO NOT read" pop up a lot in None's reviews.   For all I know, the books deserve the rough treatment None gives them.  You may read all of None's reviews here.


  1. None calls to mind the late Walter Monheit™, the putative movie critic and writer of Spy Magazine's "Blurb-o-Mat." He would lavish praise on every movie he "saw," considering virtually every one of them, particularly the absolute stinkers, Oscar material. None is rather his antithesis.

  2. Ah, Spy Magazine! Strange how Graydon Carter turned into the humorless vulgarian he used to parody.