Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"A new kind of anticlericalism"

Martyrdom of St. Edmund Campion

From a letter of Evelyn Waugh to Archbishop Heenan, August 25, 1964:

"I detect a new kind of anticlericalism.  The old anticlericals, by imputing avarice, ambition, immorality etc. to the priesthood at least recognised its peculiar and essential character, which made lapses notable.  The new anticlericals seem to minimise the sacramental character of the priesthood and to suggest that the laity are their equals."

From a letter of Archbishop Heenan to Evelyn Waugh, August 28, 1964:

"Of course you are right.  That is why they are playing up this People of God and Priesthood of the Laity so much.  The Mass is no longer the Holy Sacrifice but the Meal at which the priest is the waiter."

Elizabethan martyrs, pray for us.

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