Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oxford conference on "Chesterton's Prophetic Voice"

Until I was a senior in high school I'd never heard of Chesterton.  During Christmas vacation that year, I was browsing the St. Francis of Assisi book shop on 31st Street in Manhattan (now closed, I believe) with a classmate and a pious, Thomistic faculty member from our impious, antinomian public high school.  I'd selected some book or other, and showed it to the teacher, who was appalled.

"Don't waste your money on that drivel," he gasped. "Let me buy you this instead," he added, handing me a paperback copy of "The Everlasting Man."  I've been growing in admiration of Chesterton ever since.

I won't be attending the Oxford conference, though I'd like to.   Dr. Oddie will be there, for one thing.  The estimable Dr. Oddie's reflections on Chesterton here.

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