Monday, June 13, 2011

Fr. Croiset's Definition of "Self-Love" and of "Secret Pride"

We have seen how Fr. Croiset lists "self-love" and "secret pride"  among the major obstacles to devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Here is Fr. Croiset on self love:

"Self-love dictates that the practices of virtue to be adopted are those which give us least trouble and suit our tastes best."

Here is Fr. Croiset on secret pride:

"From this spirit of vanity comes the immoderate desire to appear important and the extreme eagerness to succeed in everything that we do.  In vain do we endeavor to find reasons to assure ourselves that we are seeking only the glory of God; we have only to listen to the voice of our conscience to know that it is for our own glory that we are laboring; the inordinate fear that we may not succeed, the sadness and discouragement when we have failed, the joy and exultation when we are praised and honored, are so many visible proofs that deep-seated vanity is the motive of our actions."

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