Thursday, June 30, 2011

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Part 10)

As June is specially dedicated to the Sacred Heart we have been paying particular attention to this devotion throughout the month.  See a review of previous posts here.

Now we will consider what Fr. Croiset tells us regarding the "marks of perfect love of Jesus Christ and of true devotion to His Sacred Heart:"

"A person, then, who is solidly virtuous and who loves Jesus Christ perfectly is a man without self-love, without guile, without ambition; he is a man who is at all times severe on himself, granting himself no indulgence, but kind towards others and interpreting all that they do in a good sense.  He is honest without being affected, polite without being cowardly, obliging without seeking his own interest; he is extremely exact without being scrupulous, he keeps himself continually united to God without contention; he is never idle, yet never allows excessive eagerness to appear, he is never too much preoccupied or distracted with his occupations because he keeps his heart always free and is constantly concerned with the great affair of his life, his eternal salvation."

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