Friday, January 20, 2012

Transubstantiation (Part 2)

Cardinal Stritch elevates chalice

According to the Catholic Catechism, the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life - a sacrament of inexhaustible richness.  Though the Eucharist is a mystery, and therefore something we can never fully understand, the Church teaches very clearly regarding the Eucharist, and we must strive to grasp this teaching as thoroughly as possible.  Earlier this month I quoted from Abbot Vonier's magnificent text "A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist."   The following is again taken from Abbot Vonier:

"Here are Saint Thomas [Aquinas]'s own words:

The Body of Christ is not in this sacrament in the manner in which a body is in a place, having its dimensions commensurate with that place; but it is present in a certain special manner, which belongs exclusively to this sacrament.  So we say that the Body of Christ is on many altars, not as in so many places, but as in the sacrament; by which we do not mean that Christ is there only in a sign, although the sacrament be of the genus sign; but we understand that His Body is there according to the manner proper to the sacrament."

St. Thomas Aquinas, most excellent teacher concerning the Eucharist, pray for us.

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