Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A church only its parishioners could love

 Our Lady and St. Illtyd Catholic Church

If indeed they do.   I was visiting "Ancient Richborough" (by way of "Bovina Bloviator"), and marvelling at the sweetness and gentleness of our new Catholic brethren of Richborough when I came upon the photo above.  Edwin, the retired C of E bishop who is the proprietor of "Ancient Richborough," recently visited Wales, where he was invited to say Mass at Our Lady and St. Illtyd's church, shown above.  Edwin, being the sweet and gentle sort, allows that the church "is rather more modern," but hastens to add that it's "greatly loved by its parishioners."

If this church is indeed beloved, it must be for reasons other than its beauty. 

One way we will know that our sweet and gentle new Catholic brethren feel at ease in Holy Mother Church is when they begin to speak openly of the ugliness of so many of our churches.  They will find that many of us have also noticed, and that it saddens us very deeply. 

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