Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We haven't made any depressing observations about the New Mass in a while

Thomas Cranmer - would find the Novus Ordo very familiar

So let us make amends by linking to this post at Reluctant Sinner which is sure to disturb your composure, assuming you were composed in the first place.   RS notes all the ways the Novus Ordo is merely an updated version of Cranmer's "The Supper of the Lord."  This is rather discomposing knowledge, not only because Cranmer was burned as a heretic, but also because the Novus Ordo often serves as a mere jumping off point for liturgical outrages which would shock even the obdurate heretic Cranmer.

RELATED: Attended a Novus Ordo Mass at the local parish today said by a priest with a curly white mane I'd never seen before.  After listening to his digressive homily delivered in the course of a ramble all around the altar, which concluded with the observation that "leadership which doesn't update its files" is "not what Jesus wants,"  I suspected Fr. Silverylocks might have a few liturgical surprises in store for us.  As, indeed, he did.  The elisions and improvisations, while not numerous, seemed carefully chosen, though Fr. Silverylocks' purposes were occasionally obscure.  Among  the items omitted were "like the dewfall," and "Almighty Father," while his substitutions included "for all" in place of "for many," and "Bishop of Rome" for " Pope."   Cranmer would particularly like that last one, although, as Thomas More points out in "A Man For All Seasons," the title "doesn't alter his authority."

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