Friday, July 20, 2012

It can't happen here

That's the title of Sinclair Lewis's 1935 novel about a fascistic president assuming unconstitutional power.  Let's hope it's still true that fascism can't happen here.  However, lately there have been powerful signs that it's not impossible  For instance, the only type of capitalism the present administration seems to like is "crony capitalism," which is but a less distressing name for economic fascism.  Even more worrisome are reports of intimidating visits by the federal police to law abiding persons who hold opinions the federal government doesn't like.  That's authoritarianism which smacks of fascism.  Perhaps it already is happening here.

RELATED:  Looks like the administration is subjecting big Romney donor to a full body cavity search by the IRS and Labor Department.  Luckily the MSM is quite sure the president is a nice guy; otherwise they might occasionally report this sort of thing.

RELATED:  CNN is happy to lend a hand to fascism.  One problem with being as absolutely convinced of your own righteousness as the people at CNN are is that you don't even notice you've started acting like fascists.

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