Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Nothing would be more regrettable"

"Hardrock Mass,"  Tarragon, Spain

Writing in 1956, Fr. Henri de Lubac had already anticipated and critiqued foolish and appalling efforts to renew liturgy such as "Hardrock Mass" (h/t Eponymous Flower):

In the present welcome efforts to bring about a celebration of the liturgy which is more "communal" and more alive, nothing would be more regrettable than a preoccupation with the success of some secular festivals through the combined resources of technical skill and the appeal to man at his lower level . . . The Catholic liturgy is luminous in its very mysteries, balanced and reposeful in its very magnificence; everything in it is ordered, and even that which calls most strongly to our being at the level of the senses comes by its meaning only through faith.  Its fruit is joy but the lesson it teaches is one of austerity; the sacrifice which is its centre is "a symbol and representation of the passion of the Lord" (St. Thomas Aquinas) and sacrament of His sacrifice, and the memorial of His death.

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