Thursday, August 16, 2012

Frequent Communion is great, but

Holy Communion - not to be taken lightly

It is necessary to prepare ourselves for receiving the sacrament.   One fears there is a tendency amongst contemporary Catholics to neglect this necessity.  St. Alphonsus Liguori recommends the following:

[A] suitable preparation is most useful to communicate well. The first preparation, or, in other terms, the remote preparation, to derive the greatest profit from frequent and daily Communion, is:

1. To keep free from all deliberate affection to sin-that is, to sin committed, as we say, with open eyes.

2. The practice of much mental prayer.

3. The mortification of the senses and of the passions.

4. Although it is most expedient that those who communicate frequently or daily should be free from venial sins, at least from such as are fully deliberate, and from any affection thereto, nevertheless it is sufficient that they be free from mortal sin, with the purpose of never sinning mortally in future; and, if they have this sincere purpose, it is impossible but that daily communicants should gradually emancipate themselves from even venial sins, and from all affection thereto.

5. That the practice of frequent and daily Communion may be carried out with greater prudence and more abundant merit, the confessor's advice should be asked.  Confessors, however, are to be careful not to dissuade anyone from frequent and daily Communion, provided that he is in a state of grace and approaches with a right intention." [Decree of Pius X.]  In the next place, the proximate preparation for Communion is that which is made on the morning itself of Communion, for which it is recommended to make at least half an hour of mental prayer.

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