Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Eucharistic Representation, Application, and Immolation"

We continue our review of Abbot Vonier's highly instructive text "A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist."  Abbot Vonier follows St. Thomas Aquinas closely in describing what takes place sacramentally on the altar at Mass.

"As the Body and Blood on the altar are such a perfect representation of the broken Son of God on Calvary, they are also the most immediate and complete contact of the soul with all the saving power of Golgotha. . . . It would not be enough, in order to explain the total range of the Eucharistic sacrifice, to say that at the altar we offer up the Body and Blood of Christ; we do more, we immolate Christ, but - and here is an immense difference - not the Christ who is in heaven, because as such He is not represented on the altar at all, but the Christ of Calvary, as the Christ of Calvary is the only one who is represented on the altar."

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us.

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