Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why I like Calvin Coolidge

                                          And what's so bad about being silent?

Of course, the intellectual elites dismissed Coolidge with derision.   However, the honesty, humility and appreciation for justice which are the hallmarks of Coolidge's economics would be a powerful antidote for the economic crises of our day.  American Spectator has more here.

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  1. My favorite Calvin Coolidge story:

    President and Mrs. Coolidge once visited a government farm, taking separate tours. Mrs. Coolidge expressed some interest in a prize rooster. The farmer told her that the rooster was able to perform the sex act several times a day. Mrs. Coolidge told the farmer "Tell that to Mr. Coolidge when he comes by." When he got there, the farmer told him about it. Coolidge asked "Is it with the same hen every time?" "No," the farmer said, "it's with a different hen each time." Coolidge said "Be sure to tell that to Mrs. Coolidge."