Friday, October 28, 2011

Manhattan vignette

                                                                       St. Benedict the Moor Church

Earlier this week, as I was on my way out of St. Malachy's Church after making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, I was approached by a young man who asked for directions to St. Benedict the Moor Church.  The young man appeared to be the tidier sort of vagrant, with greasy but combed hair, and neat, though not freshly laundered, clothing.  His eyes were bright and his manner was friendly.

I knew St. Benedict's was nearby, and though I was fairly sure of where St. Benedict's was, I decided to double-check the address on my blackberry.  While I was doing this, the young man told me he was attempting to visit every Catholic church in Manhattan.

"That's a lot of churches," I said.  "How many are there?"
The young man's smile tightened somewhat.
"Look," he said, "I'm visiting the churches, not counting them."

St. James the Greater, patron of pilgrims, pray for us.

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