Thursday, August 28, 2014

The first 100,000 page views are the hardest (I hope)

Al Gore berating someone for having too big a carbon footprint
Sometime soon, and probably before the end of the year, Inigo Hicks will reach the 100,000 page view plateau.  When this happens, as everyone knows,  Al Gore, the inventor of the internet, will emerge from his massive mansion, fly to my house by private jet, demand a recount, berate me for having too big a carbon footprint, and then fly back to his massive mansion.  I can't wait.

To celebrate this upcoming milestone, we decided to have a contest.  The first person to guess correctly the date on which Inigo Hicks reaches its 100,000th page view will win a prize.  We haven't decided what the prize will be, but it will have a higher cash value than an Inigo Hicks refrigerator magnet or an Inigo Hicks coffee mug.  If there are no correct guesses, I will keep the prize.

Here is a clue to help you figure out when we will reach the magical 100,000 page views plateau.   This is today's page view counter:

Enter your guess in the comments section of this post.  Good luck.

The prize for guessing when Inigo Hicks will reach 100000 page views has just been announced.

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