Friday, August 8, 2014

"Pray, brethren, to the Lord, that my sacrifice, which is equally yours,..."

The Hereford Boy Bishop
In 1542 ADHenry VIII banned this medieval custom,
which means it was healthy and good

The text above is taken from the medieval liturgy used before the reformation at Hereford in England (where hurricanes hardly ever happen).  In Latin: “Orate fratres ad Dominum, ut meum pariter et vestrum in conspectu Domini acceptum sit sacrificium."  This reflects a deep understanding of true participation in the Mass.  New Liturgical Movement has more here.

The Council of Trent permitted the continued use of liturgies more than 200 years old, such as the Hereford liturgy.   By contrast, after the introduction of the Mass of Paul VI in 1969 AD, older forms of liturgy were not allowed except in private recitation, and by papal indult in England and Wales.  The indult was a favor to Cardinal Heenan of Westminster.

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