Friday, February 21, 2014

Stop signs for thee, but not for me

"When I was talking about obeying traffic laws, I only meant you guys."

NYC Mayor de Blasio gives major address on traffic safety, then hops into police-driven caravan, which is observed to speed and blow through stop signs.  The NYPD responded that they have to use "special driving techniques" in order to protect the mayor.  Right.  In the first place, if that's true, then the mayor should be telling all of us to speed and blow through stop signs, since that's what his own professional drivers say they must do for safety reasons.  Secondly, if speeding is actually as bad as the mayor says it is, why doesn't he tell the people who drive him around to slow down?  That should be pretty easy.  The driver's right there with him, and de Blasio's his boss.

You may have a favorite description for this sort of behavior by government officials.  Hypocrisy certainly fits, as does abuse of power.  Alas, in an increasing variety of ways, the word that fits best is "typical."

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