Friday, February 21, 2014

Bad optics

The Archbishop's taste runs strongly to McMansions

That's political spinmeister jargon for stuff that looks bad.  And, in these days of painful retrenchment, the soon to be retiring Archbishop of Newark's addition to his retirement home looks terrible.  Though the Archbishop is not bound by a vow of poverty, an addition costing at least $500k to an $800k vacation house seems a bit much.  And the Archdiocese's statement on the subject is exactly the long whimper of wounded self regard you'd expect from someone with a boatload of self regard.  The Archdiocese might as well have responded "how dare you inquire?" and left it at that.

Rome quietly appointed a coadjutor bishop to Newark in Sept, 2013.   They don't usually do that because they think you're doing a great job.

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