Friday, February 24, 2012

They're not that kind of nuns

Thinkprogress, the George Soros funded website, used the following photos to illustrate its story regarding the Supreme Court amicus curiae brief in support of Obamacare recently filed by 21 religious sisters:

It seemed to me unlikely that the sisters who filed the amicus brief resembled the sisters in Thinkprogress's photos, so I looked them up.  Here they are.  Notice any differences?

Margaret Byrne, CSJP

Simone Campbell, SSS
Janice Cebula, OSF

Nancy Conway, CSJ

Jacquelyn Doepker, OSF (foreground)

Gemma Doll, OP

Rose Mary Dowling, FSM

Patricia Farrell, OSF

Mary Genino, RSHM

Gladys Guenther, SHF

Beatrice Haines, OLVM (far right)

Mary Ellen Holohan, SNJM (standing, right)

Gloria Marie Jones, OP (fourth from left)

Attracta Kelly, OP

Patricia McDermott, RSM

Joan Mumaw, IHM

Mary Pellegrino, CSJ (left)

Mary Rehmann, CHM (left)

Theresa Sandok, OSM (right)

Nancy Schreck, OSF (right)

Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM (center)

For one thing, my dictum concerning earring dangliness appears to apply (to those who are wearing earrings).

For another, as the Thinkprogress people seem to grasp instinctively, political cover for Obamacare is provided best by the kind of religious sisters who wear habits.  Unfortunately for Obamacare partisans, that's not the kind of religious sister who filed the amicus brief.   So the Thinkprogress people resolved their dilemma by telling a bit of a lie.


  1. Frumpy old women with Kevin Bacon hairdos claiming to be nuns haven't a tenth the authority of traditionally attired (and believing) nuns. So the cynics at thinkprogress [sic] post pictures of the genuine article to illustrate their story, knowing it will add credence. It's really kind of lying, in a way.

  2. Insofar as it falsehood presented as truth deliberately in order to deceive, it is lying.