Monday, February 27, 2012

NYT and WaPo demonstrate when racism, sexism and ageism are ok

 Here's your problem folks - he's white, male and 60

When they're directed at white males, course.  Both papers (click here for NYT; here for WaPo) pronounce the Oscars dull, and attribute this to the predominant race, sex and average age of Academy members (white, male and 62, btw).    Right.  As if the members of the Academy shared the worldview of grey-haired pharmacists from Nebraska purely by virtue of being the same race, sex and age.  Hollywood has been producing boring, soulless dreck for a long time, but when it's finally clear to all that Hollywood's lost its knack and the magic is gone, the solution is obvious: blame the old white males!

Strange how the free, open, inquiring minds of our elite opinion leaders so often follow precisely the same course.  Perhaps they were consulting the same press release.

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