Thursday, December 19, 2013

Increase your Catholic Wordpower - Incarnation

 "The Newborn Christ,"  George de La Tour, 1645 AD

According to the new Catechism of the Catholic Church (Catholic Church 461) "[t]he Church calls "Incarnation" the fact that the Son of God assumed a human nature in order to accomplish our salvation in it."

Of the Incarnation, Melito of Sardis wrote the following in 170 AD:

"Born as a son, led forth as a lamb, sacrificed as a sheep, buried as a man, he rose from the dead as a God, for he was by nature God and man. He is all things: he judges, and so he is Law; he teaches, and so he is Wisdom; he saves, and so he is Grace; he begets, and so he is Father; he is begotten, and so he is Son; he suffers, and so he is Sacrifice; he is buried, and so he is man; he rises again, and so he is God. This is Jesus Christ, to whom belongs glory for all ages."

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