Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Saint you may not know

                                     Malmesbury Abbey, founded by St. Mailduf

Today is the feast of St. Mailduf of Malmesbury.  St. Mailduf was born in Ireland and died in 673 AD .  He was the teacher of St. Aldhelm of Sherborne.

Courtesy of Saints.SQPN.com:

"The Abbey (which Saint Mailduf founded ) was the site of an early attempt at human flight when, in 1010, the monk Eilmer of Malmesbury flew a primitive hang glider from a tower, covering 200 yards and then breaking both legs upon landing. The Abbey was substantially completed by 1180. The 431 foot tall spire, and the tower it was built upon, collapsed in a storm around 1500 destroying much of the church. The monastery was surrendered in 1539, and only a small part of the ruins are standing. The west tower fell around 1550, demolishing the three western bays of the nave; less than a half of the original building stands today. "

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