Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beverly Sills and the Production Lodges of South America

Everything You Need to Know

The internet is funny and kind of mysterious.  Somebody for some reason (probably hoping to make lots of money) went to the trouble of translating the Wikipedia page for Beverly Sills into another language and then back into English.  Then they put that material, plus a lot of other weird Beverly Sills-related text into a book called "Beverly Sills 108 Success Facts."  Here are a few typical sentences:

In South America, she chanted in the production lodges of Buenos Aires and Santiago, a musical performance in Lima, Peru, and emerged in some performances in Mexico City, containing Lucia Di Lammermoor with Luciano Pavarotti.  On November 9, 1971, her execution in New York City Opera's manufacture of  The Golden Cockerel was telecast live to wire TV members.

Here are those sentences as they appear in Wikipedia:

In South America, she sang in the opera houses of Buenos Aires and Santiago, a concert in Lima, Peru, and appeared in several productions in Mexico City, including Lucia di Lammermoor with Luciano Pavarotti. On November 9, 1971, her performance in the New York City Opera's production of The Golden Cockerel was telecast live to cable TV subscribers.

"Beverly Sills 108 Success Facts" is available from Amazon, and the Kindle edition costs only $24.99.

The publisher, Emereo Publishing, does this a lot.  As of August, 2014 there were 2,441 similar books for sale on Amazon.  My advice is don't buy these.


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