Monday, September 8, 2014

Increase your Catholic wordpower: Baptismal graces

"Baptism of St. Augustine of Hippo,"  Cathedral of Troyes, 1549 AD
A lot more going on than meets the eye

Baptismal Graces, according to the Modern Catholic Dictionary of our patron, Fr. John Hardon SJ, are:

"[t]he supernatural effects of the sacrament of baptism. They are: 1. removal of all guilt of sin, original and personal; 2. removal of all punishment due to sin, temporal and eternal; 3. infusion of sanctifying grace along with the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit; 4. incorporation into Christ; and 5, entrance into the Mystical Body, which is the Catholic Church; 6. imprinting of the baptismal character, which enables a person to receive the other sacraments, to participate in the priesthood of Christ through the sacred liturgy, and to grow in the likeness of Christ through personal sanctification. Baptism does not remove two effects of original sin, namely concupiscence and bodily mortality. However, it does enable a Christian to be sanctified by his struggle with concupiscence and gives him the title to rising in a glorified body on the last day.

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