Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hail, Nabor and Felix

Reliquary of Saints Nabor and Felix
Frederick Barbarossa kept these relics as a souvenir when he captured Milan in 1158 AD

Beloved yet uncanonized Nabors and Felix

According to the pre-1969 calendar (a topic I belabored here), July 12 is the feast of Saints Nabor and Felix.  Nabor and Felix were Moorish soldiers in the Roman Army who converted and were martyred in Milan during the persecution of Diocletian in 303 AD.  

The rules still permit a commemorative Mass to be celebrated for the feast unless an obligatory celebration takes precedence.  Next year I think I'll request this in my parish.  I expect the look I get in response will be somewhere between the bug-eyed Felix and the slack-jawed Nabors.

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