Thursday, January 23, 2014

In the place now known as Levittown

Members & guests of Hicksville Aviation Country Club watch 
a Luscombe monoplane fly at air demonstration, ca 1939.

There used to be a swanky airfield called the "Hicksville Aviation Country Club."  Lindbergh was a member, as were other aviation pioneers such as Chance Vought and Roy Grumman, as well as a smattering of Vanderbilts and Astors.   The club had a big hangar, a clubhouse, and even a built in pool.  After World War II, Levitt offered $2200 an acre, and the Hicksville Aviation Country Club sold.  The houses of Levittown stand on top of the old airfield.

The Vanderbilts and Astors have not been seen in the vicinity since.

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