Thursday, April 4, 2013

All roads lead home

 Volman is the one in the turtleneck and tie

Mark Volman, who first became famous as a member of "The Turtles," and later as the "Flo" in "Flo and Eddie" (having been legally barred from using "The Turtles" or even his own name in a musical context) has become a Christian.  Volman serves as assistant professor at Belmont University, a Christian college in Nashville, and he attends Harpeth Presbyterian Church in nearby Brentwood, Tennessee, where he volunteers as a Youth Advisor.   Volman's father was Jewish and his mother was Catholic, and he seems to have chosen a religion in between the two (for now, anyway.)

Dawn Eden (raised Jewish, now Catholic) has more here.

Volman and Howard Kaylan (former lead singer of the Turtles, as well as "Eddie" from "Flo and Eddie") explain here why everyone should think twice before becoming a rock star:

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